Biopren® Mosquito larvicide tablet

Biopren® - babolna-bio - Mosquito larvicide tablet Ready to use Tablet formulation larvicide applied into breeding waters, suitable to prevent the development of mosquito larvae. The product affects the larvae of various mosquito species (Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Culex pipiens). When in contact with water, the active substance (S-Methopren) is released continuously at a slow rate, thus inhibiting the emergence of adult mosquitoes out of the treated water. Attention! Due to the delayed action of the active substance, most individuals are destroyed during the pupal stage. Therefore, living and moving larvae may occur in the treated water. The product has no effect on adult mosquitoes.
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Unit : 1 Kg


Element Percentage
Composition: Active substance: 0.5 % (g/kg) S-methoprene
Toxicity: WHO class U (unlikely to cause acute hazard)


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